Your Child Will Learn to Code
in 4 Months or Less

They'll learn to program, like a real developer, while playing games and having fun.

Rated 4.8 out of 5

Why learn coding, you ask?

Help them get a better job

The stats say you can get a salary bump of over 50% if you know how to code.

They get better at math & science

Most people who learn how to code become really good at maths and science.

Coding strengthens logical thinking

Learning to code helps you plan and organize thoughts, using logic arguments.

Turn them into real-life problem-solvers

You get to learn how to solve problems on your own, without giving up, and this is very useful.

Enhance their understanding

Code underpins more and more things around us from national politics to vacuum cleaners!

From consumers to creators

Instead of watching YouTubers, kids can now build applications and be creators

How it works

Free Assessment

We'll talk through your child's strengths, weaknesses, and academic objectives.
We'll then prepare a shortlist of 1-1 tutors and/or groups to choose from according to your specific needs.

Each will have been thoroughly vetted and background checked.

Free Matching Session

We'll go through your shortlist of 1-1 tutors and/or groups (with credentials & video resumé).

You'll find out more about their teaching style and help you make a thoughtful decision.
Our step-by-step matching process is proven to pair your child with a tutor or group that fits their educational needs and personality!

Set up & Scheduling

We'll book your tutor and slots on the spot.
All payments are processed quickly and securely through our site, meaning you can feel safe about where your money is going.

From here your tutor will start preparing a comprehensive, tailored 'Plan of Study' adapted to the student's needs and personality.

Proven Impact

10,000 students served

Monthly Private Sessions

(4 sessions per month)

  • 1st Month 25% OFF
    ($35 👉  $26.5)
  • 50 min. Intense 1:1 Sessions
  • Choose Your High-Energy Tutor
  • Session Homework
  • Weekly Session Progress Report
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills Development
  • Lifetime Tutor Matching Guarantee
  • Flexible subscription and class scheduling
  • 2-Session Quality Money-back Guarantee
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Our heart goes out to all parents out there.
You are juggling work issues, family issues, and more.
We want to provide a perfect, online learning experience
at an affordable rate during this difficult time.

With our limited-time offer, you get 25% OFF Your 1st Month.

Start With Our FREE Matching Session

We'll prepare a shortlist of tutors to choose from according to your child's strengths, weaknesses, and academic objectives.

Online Tutoring at a 25% Discount

With our limited-time offer, you get 25% OFF Your 1st Month.

Money-back Guarantee

We're so confident about our tutors that we offer a full money-back guarantee for your first 2 sessions.

Our Guarantee To You

We aim for 100% satisfaction of our students. Not only should our students pass their tests with flying colors, they should feel confident they have the skills they need for lifelong learning.

Matching Guarantee

At any time, we commit to changing your tutor from one session to the next, or within 14 days at the most.

Quality Guarantee

We provide you with 100% REFUND of your first 2 sessions if you are not happy with our service.

Explore your passions with coding!

We believe every student can and should enjoy learning. Children are naturally creative. They learn at a different pace and have different interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Weekly reports so you always know how your child is progressing.

Our wide range of courses help beginner to advanced students build solid coding basics.

Get creative with projects for your interests — whether that’s games, art, stories, or more!

Learn How We Can Accelerate Your Child’s Learning

Coding helps propel your child into the future!

What Our Families Are Saying About Us

"I can see the difference at home as well. She is definitely approaching school work in a different, more organised and goal-oriented way! Thank you!"

“You improved my child’s confidence and grades at school.”

"Both my kids (middle and high school) have used Brilliant Grades for nearly a year. They both love their class and have learned so much. The instructors are young, enthusiastic, and very positive in their approach. I love that the curriculum is posted and that there is a summary posted after every class so that I can track their progress. Scheduling/re-scheduling is super easy and customer service has been fantastic. Highly recommended."

“Shantiah was ecstatic about her coding lessons. I can see a very clear progression in her studies.”

“Jake is an amazing tutor! Our son is looking forward to their session every week and we are very confident about his upcoming exam.”

“My son had a difficult time finding programming courses on his level in our area. I was thrilled when I found out about Brilliant Grades. The instructors are top-notch and the one-on-one interaction allows for optimum learning. As an added benefit, it has helped him excel in his higher-level math courses as well. He has loved the courses he has taken with Brilliant Grades and hopes to pursue a degree in computer science when he graduates next year. I can not recommend this program enough.”